Pioneering the latest
in eyecare technology

EYELogic was conceived and founded by leading Australian Optometrist Ernest Tobia (B. Optom UNSW) to fulfill his passion for delivering innovative and best-in-category eyecare products to Australian consumers. Our aim is to measurably enhance the lives and eyecare outcomes for everyone who engages with our product range.

With an intimate knowledge of the serious impacts of Dry Eye, Ernest made his first foray into product distribution and marketing by working alongside market-leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Reckitt Benckiser (RB) to launch the Optrex ActiMist brand into the Australian Market, leading to the establishment of EYELogic.

EYELogic was subsequently appointed by RB as the exclusive distributor of Optrex ActiMist to the Australian and NZ Optometry channel in 2014. In achieving this partnership, EYELogic made Australia the first country worldwide to see RB and Optrex ActiMist enter into a new distribution channel outside its traditional Pharmacy and grocery channels.

Ernest Tobia, as a practising Optometrist and Director of EYELogic, personally spearheaded the launch of the innovative Dry Eye treatment Optrex ActiMist into the Australian market. As the first Liposomal Spray to treat 80% of dry eye sufferers, Optrex ActiMist now proudly boasts the No 2 Position in the dry eye category.

Following the roaring success of Optrex ActiMist, EYELogic Directors Ernest Tobia and Fatin Macri have been undertaking a global search for inspiring technology and innovative eyecare products to bring to the Australian market, under the EYELogic philosophy of enhancing the eyecare outcomes and ultimately the lives of our customers.

This search has now led EYELogic to launch the ThinOptics brand and product in Australia and NZ. The brainchild of some of Silicon Valley's finest minds, ThinOPTICS has partnered with EYELogic to bring these game-changing reading glasses to the people of Australia and New Zealand.

Currently in the final development stages, and with launch planned for January 2018, Ernest Tobia and EYELogic are excited to be bringing the first total Dry Eye Treatment portfolio to the Australian retail market. Comprising a 3-in-1 complete Dry Eye solution that will address the root causes of Dry Eye via a comprehensive in-home care regime, and therefore enhance the eyecare outcomes and lives of our customers. It will be available in pharmacies, grocery stores, Optometrists and online from January.


Pioneering the latest
in eyecare technology

Eyelogic was born out of the desire to bring some of the leading eyecare products worldwide into Australia and New Zealand.

We partner with some of the most visionary brands and thinkers within the eyecare space to bring some of the best products to the APAC region.


Our Products

Representing the most innovative optical products in Australia and New Zealand

Never forget your reading glasses again!

The take anywhere, stick everywhere reading glasses that are taking the industry by storm. Developed in Silicon Valley this product is the brainchild of years of scientific testing to formulate the perfect reading glasses that simply slot onto your iphone, tablet or pocket.

The product is lightweight, durable and guaranteed for life should you lose or break it! Never be without your reading glasses again!


Soothing dry, irritated eyes is now so easy.
You can do it with your eyes closed!

Optrex are market leaders in dry and itchy eye solutions providing some of the best solutions available. Optrex have pioneered the Actimist 2 in 1 spray that provides immediate and effective relief for dry, itchy and irritated eyes.

Optrex provides the best solutions in market for anyone suffering from dry eye or related issues.


Exciting, new, innovative never seen before Dry Eye treatments.

Our new range launching soon! Check back for more details!



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