About Us

The journey to reinvent reading glasses

"Some ideas come to us in a dream and some, like ThinOPTICS, during a long bike ride. My friend had forgotten his reading glasses. He was frustrated, and asked me to read a text message on his cell phone because he couldn’t see it. During the next twenty miles of riding, I developed the idea of putting reading glasses onto the backs of all cell phones."
- Teddy Shalon, CEO ThinOPTICS

The Problem With Reading Glasses

Every year, billions of dollars are spent to engineer ever more beautiful, high-resolution displays for our computers and phones, but few have put the same kind of energy toward reading glasses resulting in little evolution since their invention late in the 13th century. Today over 30 million Americans buy two pairs of reading glasses every year.

If you struggle with tiny text, you can increase the font size on your cell phone’s screen—but then you’re restricted to a keyhole view. Because your cell phone is always with you, we set out to develop thin, comfortable reading glasses that fit on the back of your phone. We’ve filled the innovation gap so that now your glasses are always with you.

Backed By Sophisticated Technology

At ThinOPTICS, we figured that it would take six months of development to make these glasses, but instead, it took over 30 months. Our challenge was to make our glasses fit comfortably. Not for 90%, but for 100% of all users. As we developed ThinOPTICS, we tested hundreds of prototypes on thousands of noses. Because ThinOPTICS has to work as well as your cell phone does, every single time you use them.